What is FlashCast?


MAYAH's expertise in Audio-via-IP leads to FlashCast ® Cube:
standardized, open, efficient, economic and capable.

FlashCast ® refers to an algorithmic process that MAYAH developed due to broadcasting-related applications. At the same time it can be used for installations and live events. FlashCast is a pure IP based procedure and thus contains the following IP elements that are highly relevant for broadcasting:

  • Low latency en/decoding
  • Packet Optimization
  • Error concealment
  • Error protection
  • Adaptation of buffers and bit rate, leading to high audio quality

Thanks to FlashCast ® Plus, the full extent of the EBU Tech 3326 will be available, i.e. as a user you will benefit from the high interoperability as well as from the high quality and low latency of MAYAH products. In addition, the plus variant contains further audio formats that are also implemented in MAYAH codecs.

Fig. Multidimensional functional model for Audio-over-IP



FlashCast® is based on the idea of the FlashCast for ISDN, realized in the end of the 90s by MAYAH. Already at that time MAYAH was due to its first software audio codec SendIt the first manufacturer in the market being compatible to various hardware codecs from other vendors. MAYAH could hence detect other codecs automatically and supporte IP. In addition, even the first hardware codecs have been extremely latency-optimized.

On the basis of over ten years experience MAYAH has now designed a multi-dimensional audio-over-ip-model in order to optimize the live transmission for studios, broadcasters, operating engineers, reporters or musicians. The developed technique is based on several standard components, e.g. on the application EBU Tech 3326 for SIP and RTP being specially recommended for broadcasters. Moreover, when using SIP and RTP in combination a highly positive effect can be achieved.

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